Avemar Inventor Mate Hidvegi

The original AVEMAR was developed by its inventor and patent holder, Dr Mate Hidvégi in 1998.

AVEMAR North America. is the exclusive USA and Canadian Importer and Distributor of the Authentic and original AVEMAR Fermented Wheat Germ Extract from Hungary and manufactured by Biropharma Ltd.

Genuine AVEMAR has been peer-reviewed and has over 100 clinically studies throughout the world in medical journals.

Avemar™ is Certified as a Dietary Supplement for
Cancer Patients
in the European Union

AVEMAR North America. shares the desire and commitment of Dr. Hidvégi to provide the most effective form of AVEMAR – fermented wheat germ extract. This supplement will help people who suffer from Immune compromise, Autoimmune disease and Cancer.

There are other manufacturers who offer less effective versions of fermented wheat germ extracts and continue to spread false statements regarding potency and effectiveness. AVEMAR North America and Dr Hidvégi have moved forward to present the authentic and original formula manufactured from Hungary to doctors and people across the USA and Canada.

Extensive independent scientific evaluations confirm that the Genuine AVEMAR manufactured in Hungary is the best form of AVEMAR available.

Consumers and physicians who have questions relating to the Authentic and Original AVEMAR are invited to contact us at 888.567.7001, or email,