Avemar™ Products

Avemar™ offers health support in two formats: film-coated tablets and water-soluble granulate.

For Those with Special Dietary Needs:

Diabetics and individuals with fructose intolerance should consider our tablet form. Alternatively, the stevia-sweetened granulate is another suitable option. Furthermore, if you find the granulate challenging to ingest, try our easy-to-swallow coated tablets.

Granulate Tablet Granulate Stevia
Form: water soluble granulate film-coated tablet water soluble granulate
Active ingredient: Avemar™ pulvis Avemar™ pulvis Avemar™ pulvis
Daily dosage / bodyweight: 1 packet / under 90kg 2×4 tablets / under 50kg 1 packet / under 90kg
2×5 tablets / 50-90kg
2 packets /over 90kg 2×7 tablets/ over 90kg 2 packets /over 90kg
Storage: below 15oC below 22oC below 15oC
Diabetics: contains sugar (fructose) sugar-free sugar-free stevia

Preparation and Dosage Guidelines

For the Granulate:

  • Simple to Prepare: Just pour a packet of Avemar™ (17 g) into a glass and blend it with 100-200 ml of water. Ensure you drink the freshly prepared solution within 30 minutes.
  • Versatile Mixing: You can mix Avemar™ with various beverages such as soft drinks, tea, kefir, yogurt, cocoa, or milk. For a better-tasting drink, use cool or cold liquids but avoid hot ones.

For the Tablet Form:

  • Dosage Made Easy: Adults under 50 kg should take four tablets twice daily. Those between 50-90 kg, five tablets twice daily, and for anyone over 90 kg, seven tablets twice a day is advisable.
  • Split Your Dose: We recommend taking half your daily dose in the morning and the remaining half in the evening.

Proper Storage for Optimal Potency

Granulate Storage: Maintain a storage temperature between 5-22°C for the granulate. Refrigeration could extend its freshness.

Tablet Storage: Keep the tablets in conditions below 22°C, where a cooler environment such as a refrigerator is preferable.