The Avemar tablet is a dietary food for special medical uses for cancer patients, containing Avemar pulvis, a fermented wheat germ extract.

Each bottle of Avemar contains 150 tablets there are 2 bottles per box. Avemar tablet form does not contain any sugar and is therefore sutiable for diabetics.

Dried fermented wheat germ extract.

Before consuming Avemar, please read the detailed user information in the box!

Avemar film-coated tablets are manufactured in Hungary and certified by the European Union.

Granulate AWGE Tablet Granulate Stevia
Form: water soluble granulate film-coated tablet water soluble granulate
Active ingredient: Avemar™ pulvis Avemar™ pulvis Avemar™ pulvis
Daily dosage / bodyweight: 1 packet / under 90kg 2×4 tablets / under 50kg 1 packet / under 90kg
2×5 tablets / 50-90kg
2 packets /over 90kg 2×7 tablets/ over 90kg 2 packets /over 90kg
Storage: below 15oC below 22oC below 15oC
Diabetics: fructose sugar-free stevia

How To Use Avemar™ Tablets

Recommended Dosage:

  • For adults with body weight less than 50 kg: four tablets twice a day.
  • For adults with body weight between 50-90 kg: five tablets twice a day.
  • For adults with body weight above 90 kg: 7 tablets twice a day.
  • It is recommended to take half of the daily dose in the morning and the other half in the evening. 10 tablets of Avemar are equal to one sachet (17g) of Avemar granulate.

Based on this recommended dosage 300 tablets are sufficient for 30 days depending on bodyweight.

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