AVEMAR™ stevia is natural plant based stevia. For diabetics, patients with fructose intolerance and for those who have difficulties consuming Avemar granulate, we recommend the tablet or the stevia product.

What is the difference between AVEMAR™ AWGE Granulate with fructose, AVEMAR™ Granulate with stevia (instant drink mix) and AVEMAR™ Tablet?

Granulate AWGE Tablet Granulate Stevia
Form: water soluble granulate film-coated tablet water soluble granulate
Active ingredient: Avemar™ pulvis Avemar™ pulvis Avemar™ pulvis
Daily dosage / bodyweight: 1 packet / under 90kg 2×4 tablets / under 50kg 1 packet / under 90kg
2×5 tablets / 50-90kg
2 packets /over 90kg 2×7 tablets/ over 90kg 2 packets /over 90kg
Storage: below 15oC below 22oC below 15oC
Diabetics: fructose sugar-free stevia

How To Use AVEMAR™ Stevia

Use: To consume, mix AVEMAR™ with 100-200ml of liquid and stir until the granulate has dissolved. AVEMAR™ is flavoured with natural orange and natural plant based stevia.

Recommended dosage: For adults with body weight of 90 kg or less, one sachet is recommended per day. For adults with a body weight greater than 90 kg, 2 sachets per day, one in the morning and one in the evening. It is also recommended to take the daily dosage on an empty stomach.

Storage Requirements: The AVEMAR™ Stevia must be stored in conditions below 78˚F. A refrigerated environment is a suggested option.

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