According to a review published by Tracey Yeend, Dr. Craig Lockwood, and Alexa McArthur, “Cancer is a public health issue with an incidence rate and prevalence that has wide societal implications and impacts . . . When faced with mortality, many patients experience deep uncertainty and, despite the substantive improvements in survival time and improved prognosis associated with cancer diagnosis and treatments, some seek additional therapies to support their treatment journey for potential improvement of their diseased state.”

This need for additional therapies drove the discovery of the original Avemar™ in 1999. Professor Mate Hidvegi is responsible for the discovery of the all-natural dietary supplement. The professor speaks about the discovery and the efficacy of the compound in this interview.

In the subsequent decades following its’ creation, Avemar™ has been routinely subject to scientific investigation. Study after study has affirmed the genuine supplement’s safety and efficacy. When it comes to a 100% natural supplement to conventional cancer treatment, there is no substitute for Avemar™.

Numerous case studies support the effectiveness of the Avemar™ supplement for in vitro, in vivo, and clinical settings.Over the years, Avemar™ has been the primary subject in more than 100 scientific studies and 33 PubMed publications. Additionally, the compound is recognized in the database of the Moemorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre.

An excess of 100 papers have been published detailing the clinical and experimental results obtained with the extract. These results have been found in both controlled and uncontrolled clinical trials and accounts of these results have been published in an impressive selection of scientific and professional journals.

Many patients battling cancer and other autoimmune deficiencies struggle to maintain their desired quality of life. By increasing the efficacy of conventional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation, Avemar™ helps patients regain a high quality of life much quicker.

Traditional cancer treatments often come with a variety of serious side effects. Fortunately, more evidence continues to surface on the positive effects of natural remedies on reducing these side effects. Fatigue caused by regular chemotherapy treatments, for example, has been effectively reduced by a number of integrative therapies involving ashawaganda, guarana, and American ginseng, among others.

Additionally, an article published by LifeExtension details how patients ingesting ginger and taurine have seen a reduction in symptoms of nausea and vomiting related to chemotherapy treatment. This article also details how patients have experienced significant improvements in their nutritional statue by increasing their intake of glutamine, L-carnitine, and Omega-3 fatty acids.

As of today, in vitro studies of cell cultures, animal studies, and clinical trials have been undertaken with more than 1200 individuals. These studies have taken place in Hungary, Israel, Spain, Italy, Russia, the United States, and Australia.

Avemar™ is derived from fermented wheat germ extract. Studies have shown this supplement’s ability to promote apoptosis in both human and animal patients. For this reason, fermented wheat germ is both viewed as an important nutritional supplement and potential anticancer drug.

Numerous studies have been published on the importance of fermented wheat germ to the fight against cancer. The compound’s anti-inflammatory benefits and positive impact on adjuvant arthritis, for example, are outlined in a study copyrighted by the New York Academy of Sciences.

Essentially, the all-natural, original Avemar™ compound works to inhibit glycolysis and pentose cycle enzymes. In turn, the compound induces apoptosis, otherwise known as “programmed cell death.” More can be read regarding fermented wheat germ extract’s effect in T-cell Leukemia Tumor cells in this article.

In an effort to remain on the cutting-edge of medical research on the wide-ranging benefits of the Avemar™ supplement, Avemar™ has an ongoing research program funded by various government organizations.

Funders of the Avemar™ Research Program include The Ministry of Education, Biotechnology and OTKA (Scientific Research Foundation) in Hungary, The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Science and Technology in Spain, The General Clinical Research Center and Clinical Research Unit and the University of California Los Angeles, Inco-Copernicus from the European Union, and NATO’s Scientific Program.

This selection of sponsors has allowed for significant research in the area of nutritional supplements that can aid in the fight against cancer. While the number of available cancer-fighting supplements is not limited to Avemar™, the compound has repeatedly shown an ability to outstrip the efficacy of other ‘breakthrough’ drugs.

The funding provided by the aforementioned organizations has also produced research detailing Wheat antioxidants, their role in the bakery industry, and health perspective, Effect of Avemar and Avemar + Vitamin C on tumor growth and metastasis in experimental animals, and Unplugging cancer’s power supply.

A comprehensive collection of publications on Avemar™ to be used by medical professionals can be found here.

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