Overview of Avemar™ Publications

Tracey Yeend, Dr. Craig Lockwood, and Alexa McArthur published a review stating, “Cancer significantly affects public health with its incidence rate and societal impact. Despite improved survival rates and prognosis from cancer treatments, many patients seek additional therapies to potentially enhance their treatment outcomes.”.

The Discovery and Impact of Avemar™

In 1999, Professor Mate Hidvegi discovered Avemar™, an all-natural dietary supplement, and has since spoken about its discovery and effectiveness. Over the past decades, numerous studies have confirmed the safety and efficacy of this genuine supplement. As a natural addition to conventional cancer treatments, Avemar™ remains unparalleled. Watch the professor’s interview.

Scientific Research and Clinical Studies

Numerous case studies validate Avemar™’s effectiveness in vitro, in vivo, and in clinical settings. Over the years, researchers have dedicated more than 100 scientific studies and 33 PubMed publications to Avemar™. The Moemorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre also recognizes the compound. Explore the PubMed articles.

Publications and Quality of Life Improvements

Researchers have published over 100 papers detailing the clinical and experimental results obtained with Avemar™ in both controlled and uncontrolled trials. These publications appear in a wide array of scientific and professional journals. View selected publications.

Enhancing Conventional Cancer Treatments

Many patients struggle to maintain quality of life while battling cancer and autoimmune deficiencies. Avemar™ helps patients achieve a higher quality of life faster by enhancing the efficacy of treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. Learn more about treatment enhancement.

Natural Remedies and Side Effect Reduction

Traditional cancer treatments often cause severe side effects. However, evidence shows that natural remedies can reduce these effects. For instance, integrative therapies involving ashwagandha, guarana, and American ginseng have effectively lessened chemotherapy-induced fatigue.

Dietary Improvements and Symptom Management

A LifeExtension article highlights that ginger and taurine consumption reduces chemotherapy-related nausea and vomiting. It also notes significant improvements in patients’ nutritional status through increased intake of glutamine, L-carnitine, and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Ongoing Studies and Global Research

In vitro studies, animal studies, and clinical trials involving over 1200 individuals have been conducted worldwide. Avemar™ is derived from fermented wheat germ extract, known for promoting apoptosis in human and animal patients, making it a critical nutritional supplement and potential anticancer drug.

The Importance of Fermented Wheat Germ

Studies emphasize the importance of fermented wheat germ in cancer fight, citing its anti-inflammatory benefits and positive impact on adjuvant arthritis. A notable study from the New York Academy of Sciences discusses these benefits. Access the study here.

Research Funding and Support

The Avemar™ Research Program receives funding from various government organizations, including the Ministry of Education and Biotechnology in Hungary, the Ministry of Health and Science and Technology in Spain, and several prominent international bodies.

Contact Information

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