I’ve heard great things about this product as my younger cousin who suffers from leukaemia started taking it and it pulled her back from the brink.


We just received a call from a patient who has purchased AVEMAR for the past 6 months.  They indicated that they have inoperable brain cancer.  They have been taking AVEMAR without any other drugs or products and recently found that there is a reduction in the tumor size.

Ed B

As for me I definitely feel stronger after taking my first box of Avemar. I’ve been cancer free for six years now but I noticed a increase in strength so it’s helped me.


In January 2019, our shy rescue beagle, Elusive Lucy, was diagnosed with HSA, a terminal blood cancer, after an X-ray revealed a lump on her spleen. The tumor burst the night before the splenectomy and she barely survived four days of hospitalization. Without chemo, she was given 1 to 3 months to live; with chemo, up to 6 months, but she would suffer the devastating side-effects of radiation and a declining quality of life. We decided her final days would be her best days, giving her a home-cooked cancer diet, natural supplements, and as much love as we could share. Then we found ImmunoVet and she eagerly eats them by themselves. Her immune system was bolstered, no longer needing apoquel for her perpetually irritated skin. Instead of her immune system fighting skin problems and her digestive system dealing with absorbing and processing chemicals, her body can now focus fully on fighting the next tumor that will inevitably grow around her heart or kidneys. ImmunoVet has kept her alive — and healthy — for 18 months, a time in which she has continued to overcome her fear of the world and even feels comfortable and now confident on walks. Her life has not just been extended but enriched by ImmunoVet.


Mia Giselle Munchkin, our supermodel kitten, really appreciates you and the Avemar very much.

Karen L

I have been using Avemar for arthritis and it has improved my mobility and improved my flexibility.

Pat Shook

Thanks Pam for the fast reply. I really appreciate the extra information on proper dosage as well. After I open the box I did see the printed instructions in English and I thought I recalled the email to you but I guess I didn’t. Which is a good thing because now I have additional information on the proper way to take it. I thought you had to wait at least an hour to eat after taking it. Next time I order it  I will order the sachets which would simplify life a lot by only having to take one dose a day. Thanks again and have a great week.

Norm D

My wife has improved more on Avemar then any other treatments & products she has try’d.

Lisa M

Our dog Jo became extremely Ill, in a matter of a day. We had no idea what to do or how to help her. She was screaming in pain, moving very decrepit, barley touching her chow and looking listless to an extreme. Jo is 13 years of age. My husband and I were so distraught and filled with dread. We called the vet they told us to give her baby aspirin for her pain and to bring her In for assessment. My Husband is a daily user of Avemar followed by tremendous results and improved health. We were previously educated by a very Nice Avemar Employee Andrew; that Avemar is used to assist pets with cancer and autoimmune disease. We immediately thought to call up Avemar, we spoke with Pam who was so understanding, kind and helpful to our situation. She gave us amazing emotional support and suggested that we do try a small dose of Avemar to start. She told us to call her and keep her updated on Jo’s condition. Pam called us that day and also called us the following days. She went above and beyond to insure our comfort in this very turmoil predicament. We gave Jo a small dose of Avemar as suggested immediately after our initial phone call with Pam, It was honestly a miracle Jo showed a change for the better with in minutes after consuming Avemar. As the day progressed so did Jo’s health she was no longer crying in pain, she was eating, wagging her tail and became full of energy. My husband and I are so amazed on how fast of a recovery Jo made after consumption of Avemar. We have since continued to give Jo Avemar with her morning chow and as a result she’s been bouncing around like a little puppy full of life. We are so grateful to all the genuine care and support Pam and the Avemar team provided to us during that very stressful time. Avemar is and outstanding supplement that has increased the health and wellbeing of our house Hold. Our family looks forward to longevity with continued use of Avemar.

Jill K

I have been giving Avemar to my dog for 2 weeks now and his Tumor has almost disappeared!

Stephen H

I’ve been dealing with a hyperthyroid for nearly 2 years now. The side effect of this is breast cancer. Caused by too much testosterone aromatizing into estrogen. I developed a tumor in the right breast. After 10 packets of Avemar the lump is gone.

Sarah F.

Hi, Can’t thank you enough AVEMAR! You and I talked on the phone when I first ordered AWGE for my dog Daisy who has a rare and terminal form of T-Cell Lymphoma. We are beginning to see some very surprising and impressive results here. Thank you,

LA, California

Hello Pam, I would like to order 6 boxes of Avemar. The first box arrived very quickly. My Mom has been using the powder twice a day and she seems to have more energy! Thank you.

James R.

Hello Pam, I truly want to thank you for making us feel that your company is with us on this journey and not just “Making A Sale”. This adds extra encouragement. I am excited and looking forward to getting started with Avemar for my precious mother. Sincerely,

Sandra S.
South Carolina

Hi AVEMAR, My 10 year old dog Charlie, was given 2 weeks to live by our vet 4 months ago. Since Charlie has been on AVEMAR, not only have his tumors shrunk dramatically, he has become very active, full of energy, and thinks he is back to being a puppy! Thank you AVEMAR!

C. Crispo

Thank you so much for your help with the AVEMAR product. My father has felt an improvement in his health after only one week! He loves that it’s easy to take and doesn’t make him feel sick. He has even more energy now and he sleeps better too! Thank you again.


In December 2006 I was diagnosed with the recurrence of a rare form of ovarian cancer called granulosa cell tumor. It had been 10 years since my successful surgery in 1996 to remove it, and it had come back. I have had 3 surgeries to remove new tumor growth. The first was in March 2007 to remove most of the new tumors (the surgeon missed a few and intentionally did not address a tumor on the diaphragm and one in the liver). The second was in December 2008 (new, more careful surgeon) to address the remaining tumors with the exception of the liver. The most recent surgery was in October 2010 to address the tumor in my liver, as it could no longer be delayed.

There is no treatment for my type of cancer except surgery. So I began to take Avemar in the spring of 2007 and have taken it continuously with the exception of one 6 month period (December 2009-May 2010). During that 6 months, I took Ave Ultra, not realizing that it was not the product developed in Hungary but a “knock-off” being produced in the USA. After 2 months on AVE Ultra I started to lose weight and was always tired. After about 5 months, my surgeon told me that there were two new tumors on my liver, still small but more aggressive than the one which still remained in my liver. Not long after this diagnosis, I discovered that I was not taking the real Avemar. I disposed of 4 boxes of AVE Ultra which I had just purchased, and returned to taking Avemar, now called AWGE.

During the months following my resumption of AWGE, I had several doctors appointments which resulted in the decision to remove the tumors from my liver in October 2010. During this stressful time, I was able to regain the weight I had lost and my energy returned. The last few weeks prior to my surgery, I felt so well that I questioned the need for the surgery. Ten weeks following the surgery I was back riding my horses again.

It is one year since my liver surgery and I feel great. My cancer is in remission thanks to my excellent surgeons and to AWGE. I am certain that AWGE strengthened my immune system, helped me to fight the cancer and to recover from the surgeries, and kept me feeling well throughout this difficult time. I will continue to take AWGE indefinitely to keep my cancer in check.

Hi I had my 3 month check up last week and things still seem to be more or less stable. Some tumors are shrinking, most are stable and a few are growing very slowly. I´m hoping that next time everything will be stable or shrinking. Don and I are planning a trip to New Zealand in November to celebrate.

See you in 6 months!!

Bklyn, NY

Hi to all at Avemar,

Just a quick thank you to let you know how fondly I think of your product, Avemar. Since I’m holistic health-minded, yet too nervous not to also take some of the traditional medical route to heal from a breast health issue I had last year, I decided to take the Avemar supplement besides just the doctor-recommended Tamoxifen drug. I was fearful of the side effects from that “wonder drug” and I am happy to say, that my oncology doctors and I are happily surprised with my progress. It’s been about a half a year since I started taking both Avemar each morning and Tamoxifen each afternoon…and I am feeling great and am as normal as ever. No side effects from Tamoxifen! I believe that is mostly due to my taking the Avemar each day…and my belief in it being a helpful, quality, holistic product. Pam, your own belief in this product really confirmed for me that Avemar would help my body tremendously. Funny…even an energy-balancing holistic practitioner I have recently gave me a kind of kinesiology test for Avemar to see if it was good for my body, and told me that it seemed to not just be ok for my body, but that it makes my body stronger…that´s what my energy/muscle test seemed to say!

So, thank you Pam for the great service keeping me supplied with this important product, thank you Avemar staff and creators for giving people a holistic boost for their healing, and thank you, God for leading me to such great help.


Sharon C.
Ontario, Canada.

I do not have cancer, however, I do believe that Ave Mar can help people who do. I have been following AveMar for a few years now and have advised a couple of friends to get some. My sister used it when she had oral cancer. She took it after radiation and has no oral cancer.
I am have read that the Ave Mar Ultra (that is sold in USA) is not as effective as the original. Where can I refer people who want to order the most effective product?

Thanks for your help.


Hello James!

As per our conversation I am sending you this e-mail to let you know about how I believe AWGE has helped my Dad.

My Dad was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in 2010. He was given the “get your affairs in order speech”. His CT scan showed “too numerous to count” tumors in his liver, masses in his lungs and lymph node involvement. His main tumor was form his sigmoid colon and had measured 2 inches. The usual first step in treating cancer is the removal of the primary tumor and any other tumors that can be removed. My Dad was unable to have surgery due to the fact that he had a very rapid growing and aggressive type of colon cancer and for the fact that a delay in the start of chemo would mean that cancer would have spread into the rest of his body very quickly. My Dad is not a ´lie down and die kind of man´, with that said, he started the chemo regime that was advised to him by his oncologists.

We had discussed at length how we could help his body overcome this horrible disease and help ease the side effects of the poison that would treat his disease. I explored at length all of the many herbs and supplements that were available out there. With the help of a naturopathic doctor on staff at LIFE EXTENSION we came up with a variety of supplements that would help boost my Dad’s immune system.

He had started those supplements and in combination with his chemo was having positive results. He had then began to have a small amount of new growth noted in his CT scan. I again explored more options with the help of LIFE EXTENSION. The doctor I had spoken with advised me on 2 products that he had heard were doing miraculous wonders for people with colon cancer. This is how we came across AVEMAR/AWGE.

I had researched this product at length and found it to be quit promising and with no side effects. That is when I had ordered a 3 month supply. My dad started the every day dosing of AWGE and had a CT scan 3 months later. This scan showed that his tumor in his colon was completely gone. The lymph nodes were normal size and the tumors in his lungs had shrunken considerably. The tumors in his liver were very small and some had disappeared. AWGE was the only thing he had added to his supplements since his last CT scan. He continued to take AWGE until his next CT scan which then showed to be “NO CANCER NOTED IN HIS BODY”! I hated to be a downer for my Dad and had asked his doctor if they were sure that they had the right results for my Dad. With that said, my Dad had yet another CT scan done months later. NO CANCER FOUND again! My dad has now started a new approach in treating cancer patients. It is the stop and go approach. Where a patient stops chemo treatments and gets a CT scan to see if any new tumors have started. If the scan is clear he goes for another 2 months with a repeat scan to check for growth. He is so very grateful for what he feels AWGE has given him his chance at his life back.

It has been shown in the latest research, that a person must boost their immune system to ward off cancer and to fight it once they get that horrible diagnosis. My Dad will continue to take AWGE as long as it is helping him. I truly believe that praying for people helps immensely in their recovery. Thank GOD for AWGE!

Thank you James for bringing AWGE to my Dad! I will talk to you again soon when my Dad needs another supply!

Thanks again!

Frederick F.
Saluda, NC

Pam, Thanks for your help on the phone yesterday. My Dr. wants me to stay on the AWGE indefinitely. Let’s establish a monthly renewable order. Thanks for your great customer service. Regards,